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Make your home or business into a space you love to spend time in with aesthetically appealing home improvements and carpentry from Around Town Remodeling. We specialize in tile work, finishing carpentry, and other interior remodeling services. Our customers are customers for life because we always provide competitive prices for the best quality work.
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Demolition to Renovate
In order to make your home or office look and function the way you want it to, we often have to rip out older structures. Don't leave demolition to an amateur that doesn't know how to determine which walls are load bearing. Our complete demolition services can involve small projects, such as a single wall removal or an entire small to medium-sized structure. Whether you need a structure removed and the lot cleared to prepare for new construction or just the yard cleared of debris, we do it all.
Our skilled remodeling contractor specializes in residential
and commercial interior renovations, tile work, and carpentry.
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